hone & explore 2021

Saturday, 10/23 & Sunday, 10/24
11AM - 4PM PST.


Innovative Design presents HEX: Hone & Explore, a weekend of free workshops where students can learn various creative skills!

The event is open to all students, alumni, friends, and family - with no experience necessary. Workshops are 1 hour long, running from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM PST this next weekend on Saturday, October 23rd and Sunday, October 24th in Social Sciences 170.

Workshop Schedule

Saturday, October 23

11:00 AM PST

Introduction to Illustrator

Ryan Yu

I'll be teaching an Illustrator demo that utilizes pen tool, shape tool, pathfinder, and transparency to create a funfood icon.

Necessary Materials: Adobe Illustrator

12:00 PM PST

Type Design in Illustrator

Jenny Chen

Whether you are designing a logo, making a poster or just adding some interest to your graphics, type is a big part of design. We will talk about typography, fonts, and a few ways to manipulate text in Illustrator to achieve the effects you want!

Necessary Materials: Adobe Illustrator

1:00 PM PST

Introduction to HTML/CSS

Davina Dou

Ever wanted to learn how to make your own website from scratch? In this workshop, I will be teaching the basics of HTMLand CSS, including how to add text, pictures, and simple formatting to get you started on your way to creating your own website!

Recommended Materials: Text editor (Atom, Visual Studio Code, etc)

2:00 PM PST

Pixel Art in Illustrator

Jason Yen

I will teach you how to set up and create scalable pixel sprites on Adobe Illustrator. There will be a demo of making a sprite from start to finish.

Necessary Materials: Adobe Illustrator, Mouse

3:00 PM PST

Bullet Journalling

Kelly Ma

Come join for an October plan with me demo, as well as some journaling process walk throughs!

Necessary Materials: Notebook, pen, paper

Sunday, October 24

11:00 AM PST

Introduction to Lightroom

Emiliano Fragoso

I will be going over the develop section and some overall tips on Lightroom, as well as include a session to apply these skills on a photo.

Necessary Materials: Adobe Lightroom

12:00 PM PST

Dorm Decor + Design Principles

Erin McCann and Bonwoo Kuh

We'll be teaching you how to apply graphic design principles to dorm room decor. For the demo section, we'll be making origami ornaments that can hang on lamps, ceilings, and walls.

Necessary Materials: None

1:00 PM PST

Introduction to 35mm Film Photography

Aunoosh Ashabi

I will be teaching film photography and introducing the process of working with 35mm film, such as how to operate film cameras like SLR and point-shoot, as well as the types of film they need and where to develop. I will also offer examples and bits of advice on how to shoot on film.

Necessary Materials: None, but film camera encouraged!

2:00 PM PST

Introduction to Animation

Austin Chen

Learn about the 12 principles of animation and how to apply them to simple motion graphics as we explore the basics of Adobe After Effects!

Necessary Materials: Adobe After Effects

3:00 PM PST

How to Capture the Moment (with your phone)

Marlon Fu and Sarah Huang

In life, the greatest moments often come when we're least prepared to capture them. Oftentimes, the only camera we have at our disposal is the one built into our smartphones. In this workshop, we will be covering basic techniques in smartphone photography, tips and tricks for capturing the moment, and an introduction to mobile photo editing. By the end of this workshop, you will up your smartphone photography game and be able to impress all your friends!

Necessary Materials: Smartphone, Camera app, Lightroom Mobile

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attend this event?

Hone & Explore will be held in person this semester in Room 170 of the Social Sciences Building. All attendees are required to register before the event at this link.

Do I need to register separately for different workshops?

No, you are only required to register once. You will receive access to all workshops for both days.

Is there a deadline to register?

No, you can register on the day of the event. However, we strongly encourage you to register prior to the event!

I am not a UC Berkeley student. Can I still attend?

Yes, this event is open to all! Invite your friends and family who are looking to learn some new creative skills!

How much experience do I need?

All of our HEX workshops are geared towards beginner and intermediate skill levels. Hosts will do their best to accommodate your personal skill level!

Do I need to download anything prior to the event?

Please refer to our workshop information where required materials are listed for every workshop. Some workshops do not require anything!

Where can I access resources for workshops?

Find presentation slides, worksheets, or any additional resources provided by our workshop hosts here.

Are the workshops being recorded?

There will be no recordings this semester, but all material used by workshop hosts will be posted in the resources link here!

What do I do if I have questions for the host?

Our hosts are happy to take questions during the workshop. Feel free to ask questions at any time.