Free creative workshops taught
by members of Innovative Design

Workshop Schedule


Barrows 56

9:00 AM

Intro to Bullet Journaling

Amy Chen

This workshop is for anybody and everybody who's every tried or wanted to start bullet journaling. Learn the basics of bujo and techniques to customize and optimize your journal.

Necessary Materials: A fresh notebook, or spare paper, pens (optional: highlighters, brush pens)

10:00 AM

Intro to Adobe Animate

Jennie Guo, Emily Mistica

Necessary Materials: Adobe Animate, paper

11:00 AM

Intro to Illustrator

Frances Yang, Angela Liu

In this demo-oriented workshop, we'll teach you the basics of Adobe Illustrator (pen tool, shapes, pathfinder) and how to use them to make vector images! We recommend that you have Illustrator downloaded on your computer prior to coming so you can follow along~!

Necessary Materials: Adobe Illustrator


Barrows 56

12:00 PM

Isometric Design

Valerie Tan

Learn how to create isometric illustrations to give some depth to your work! This workshop introduces the building blocks of isometric design, its different applications, and a step-by-step tutorial. Anyone with knowledge of basic Illustrator tools would be great for this workshop!

Necessary Materials: Adobe Illustrator

1:00 PM

Pixel Art

Hannah Kleidermacher

Learn about the history and basics of pixel art (hint: it's not just for video games)!

Necessary Materials: Any program that can do antialiased art: Aseprite, MSPaint, Photoshop, etc

2:00 PM

Merchandise Design and Production

Fitty Liu

Curious about how to get your artwork from Photoshop onto everyone's laptops and water bottles? In this workshop, I'll be teaching you the basics of rendering designs for various merchandise including stickers, keychains, and buttons, as well as walking you through the steps of the post-production process.

Necessary Materials: N/A

3:00 PM

Designing for Inclusivity

Ruhi Pudipeddi

Design can't be appreciated universally unless it is accessible to everyone! We'll discuss general guidelines, specific processes, and develop a toolkit for evaluating and adjusting toward inclusive design in order to accomodate anyone who wants to admire your work.

Necessary Materials: Adobe Illustrator

4:00 PM

Slide Deck Design

Myles Domingo, Emily Zhong

The best slide decks are ones that can convey information, and too often information is lost due to bad (or negligent) design. Learn how to create professional, delightful, and well-designed slide decks at this workshop! We'll be teaching how to apply visual design concepts directly to slide decks to make them more engaging.

Necessary Materials: Google Slides