Free creative workshops taught
by members of Innovative Design

Workshop Schedule


Barrows 155

10:00 AM

Intro to Lightroom

Stephen Fong

This is an entry-level (no prior experience needed!), demo-orietnated workshop on the basics of editing a RAW file on Adobe Lightroom. The lesson will cover how to read a histogram, using sliders and tools, adjusting color, and everything else you need to know to get started with post-processing; come with Lightroom Classic downloaded on your computer!

Necessary Materials: Adobe Lightroom

11:00 AM

Photo Collages with Photoshop

Jago Pang

Editing photos is not only limited to the photos themselves, but also using them in making compositions or collages. So come and learn the basics of collaging and create your very own aesthetic ~vaporwave~ collages using photoshop!

Necessary Materials: Adobe Photoshop, Google Drive


Hearst Annex B5

12:00 PM

Intro to 35mm Film

Calvin Tang

Film photography can feel like a daunting vintage world to enter, especially in the age of digital sensors and complex software. Come learn what you need to get started with 35mm photography!

Necessary Materials: N/A

1:00 PM

Mobile Phonetography

Jessica Hsiao

The best camera is the one you have, and for many people that's their phone. In this workshop, you'll learn how to take and edit Instagram-worthy photos using just your smartphone.

Necessary Materials: Your phone, Lightroom Mobile, VSCO

2:00 PM

Intro to Manual Photography

Clementine Mariani

Necessary Materials: Optional: DLSR camera

3:00 PM

Maintaining Your Creative Confidence and Fighting Imposter Syndrome

Renee Utter

Necessary Materials: N/A