Free creative workshops

October 13-14, 2018


Saturday, October 13

Instagram 101: Photo Editing on Mobile

Yilun Xiao and Sarah Lee

10:00 AM

Bullet Journaling

Sheryl Chang

11:00 AM

Intro to Lightroom

Renee Isabel Utter

11:30 AM

Photography Styles and Editing Flows

Cathy Meng and Sunny Young

12:30 PM

Intro to Illustrator

Rachel He and Valerie Tan

01:00 PM

Intro to Photoshop

Daniel Morales

02:00 PM

Sports Poster Design

Luke Zhang

02:30 PM

Prototyping for Mobile Apps

Myles Domingo

03:30 PM

Paper Layering Art Effect

Joanne Lin

04:30 PM

Sunday, October 14

Design Basics in Pop Culture

Tiffany Feng and Quynh Uong

10:00 AM

Graphic Film Poster Design

Ruby Chen

10:30 AM

Intro to HTML/CSS

Rachel Lin and Leanna Yu

11:00 AM

Prototyping in Invision

Alyssa Yang

12:00 PM

Traditional & Modern Calligraphy

Kiana Aryan and Sahil Sanghvi

01:00 PM

Design Workflow

Sasha Dimov

02:00 PM

Web Animations

Emily Zhong

03:00 PM

UI/UX Animation in After Effects

Nathaniel Lowe

04:00 PM

Typography and Layout Design

Meria Ogawa

05:00 PM