Hone & Explore

Saturday, 4/10 & Sunday,
4/11 11AM - 3PM PST.


Innovative Design presents HEX: Hone & Explore, a weekend of free, virtual workshops where students can learn various creative skills!

The event is open to all students, alumni, friends, and family - with no experience necessary. Workshops are 1 hour long, running from 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM PST this upcoming weekend on Saturday, April 10th and Sunday, April 11th on Zoom.

Workshop Schedule

Saturday, April 10


11:00 AM PST

Intro to Lightroom

Jason Cao

I will walk through the edit tab of lightroom and demonstrate what each tool does to a sample photo.

Necessary Materials: Adobe Lightroom

12:00 PM PST

Intro to Figma

Davina Dou

I will be teaching a figma workshop to create mockups for a website!

Necessary Materials: Figma account, Figma mirror (iOS, Android)

1:00 PM PST

Bullet Journal

Kelly Ma

Plan with me for April. Bullet journal is a great tool for organizing and recording your daily life:) I would be showing some simple layouts and spreads for your monthly bujo setup that will boost your productivity and mindfulness! Bring your favorite stationary supplies and enjoy journaling with me!

Necessary Materials: Notebook, pen, highlighter, stickers/washi tape(optional)

2:00 PM PST

Create an Animated Zoom Background

Austin Chen

Use After Effects to create several simple building-block animations that can be combined to customize your own looping virtual background!

Necessary Materials: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Media Encoder (recommended)

3:00 PM PST

Everyday Typography

Sahil Sanghvi

Come learn about the intricacies and beauty of text! This workshop is about making your papers and résumé look good using typographic concepts. We'll start by going over some beginner typography theory, and then spend some time making a MS Word template file you can use to start a beautiful document easily for those due-at-midnight papers. Finally, we'll take a little time to look at how some of these ideas can be applied to resume design. The content was built with beginners in mind - no prior experience required!

Necessary Materials: Microsoft Word

Sunday, April 11


11:00 AM PST

Intro to Film Photography

Lindsey Guan

Film photography can be a challenging but rewarding medium of photography. This workshop is a friendly introduction to the traditional process of taking photos using photographic film. We'll learn about analog cameras and how to operate them, different types of film, and how to get your film developed!

Necessary Materials: None!

12:00 PM PST

Intro to Illustrator

Gloria Fung

i'll be teaching basics of illustrator (workspace setup, shape tool, pen tool) and doing a food icon demo

Necessary Materials: Adobe Illustrator

1:00 PM PST

Painting Digitally

Allison Chen

Learn how to navigate those pesky digital art programs to create awesome drawings with just a stylus and a screen.

Necessary Materials: photoshop, a tablet, ipad, or anything digital to draw on

2:00 PM PST

Storytelling and Intentional Creativity

Renee Utter

Doing any client work is really just about telling someone else's story, and personal design is about your own story. Approaching each story you tell as unique and worthy of telling can allow for freedom and new ideas! Let's cover the basics of creative storytelling and how it can make your work better!

Necessary Materials: None!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attend this event?

Hone & Explore will be held virtually this semester. All attendees are required to register before the event at this link. You will be sent an email confirmation with a unique link to the Zoom meeting.

Do I need to register separately for different workshops?

No, you are only required to register once. You will receive access to all workshops for both days.

Is there a deadline to register?

No, you can register on the day of the event. However, we strongly encourage you to register prior to the event!

I am not a UC Berkeley student. Can I still attend?

Yes, this event is open to all! Invite your friends and family who are looking to learn some creative skills in quarantine!

How much experience do I need?

All of our HEX workshops are geared towards beginner and intermediate skill levels. Hosts will do their best to accommodate your personal skill level!

Do I need to download anything prior to the event?

Please refer to our workshop information where required materials are listed for every workshop. Some workshops do not require anything!

Where can I access resources for workshops?

Find presentation slides, worksheets, or any additional resources provided by our workshop hosts at here.

What do I do if I have questions for the host?

Our hosts are happy to take questions during the workshop. Feel free to ask questions in the chat or unmute yourself and ask away! (All participants are automatically muted upon entering.)

Will you be recording the event?

Recordings of select workshops will be made available after the event.