Hone and Explore

A series of free, virtual,
creative workshops

Saturday, October 17 10AM - 6PM PST and Sunday, October 18 10AM - 5PM PST.


Innovative Design presents HEX: Hone & Explore, a weekend of free, virtual workshops where students can learn various creative skills!

The event is open to all students, alumni, friends, and family - with no experience necessary. Workshops are 1 hour long, running from 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM PST this upcoming weekend on Saturday, October 17th and Sunday, October 18th on Zoom.

Workshop Schedule

Saturday, October 17


10:00 AM PST

Intro to Illustrator

Gloria Fung & Julia Mei

Learning Illustrator is the first step into designing beautiful digital artwork. This workshop will teach you the basics in each program and how to utilize your new skillset to create something beautiful.

Necessary Materials: Adobe Illustrator

11:00 AM PST

Intro to Photoshop

Erin Rairdan

For beginners and individuals who have never opened Photoshop before, gives quick run through of common tools in Photoshop and how to use them.

Necessary Materials: Adobe Photoshop

12:00 PM PST

Portfolio 101

Tiffany Nguyen

Will be going over the what, why, and how of developing one's portfolio — whether it be for writers, designers, photographers, illustrators, SWE folks, etc. I'll go over the basic structure, some helpful resources, and how to continue developing your portfolio.

Necessary Materials: Nothing!

1:00 PM PST

Intro to Pixel Art

Hannah Kleidermacher

Learn the history & techniques of the medium that birthed digital art through this interactive workshop.

Necessary Materials: Adobe Photoshop

2:00 PM PST

Intro to Urban Sketching

Jenny Chen

This workshop is for anyone who wants to get started with urban sketching. It's a useful skill for city planning/environmental studies, and also a really fun and relaxing activity! I will talk about basics of quick sketches, how to observe, capture the vibe and find your own style and do a quick demo of sketching from a photo.

Necessary Materials: Pen and Paper

3:00 PM PST

Everyday Typography

Sahil Sanghvi

Come learn about the intricacies and beauty of text! This workshop is about making your papers and résumé look good using typographic concepts. We'll start by going over some beginner typography theory, and then spend some time making a MS Word template file you can use to start a beautiful document easily for those due-at-midnight papers. Finally, we'll take a little time to look at how some of these ideas can be applied to resume design. The content was built with beginners in mind - no prior experience required!

Necessary Materials: Microsoft Word

4:00 PM PST

Declutter your Desktop

Christy Oh, Kaho Otake

With everything going remote and digital because of the pandemic, it can be overwhelming to now have all your life's responsibilities and creative projects on a screen. Learn how to optimize and streamline your workflow to make staying productive in these unprecedented times, a little less hectic. We'll touch on file organization, using Google Calendar to keep track of deadlines, and free workspace tools like Notion.

Necessary Materials: Notion

5:00 PM PST

Design Activism

Dane Archer

Do you believe in the power of design to do good? To be good? To make the world a more equitable place? Whether you are an experienced design activist or just learning about the next movement in design, this workshop is here to help shape your voice as a socially responsible designer through design activism ideology, practice, and an amazing activity on crafting your own ethical portfolio! So, let’s change the world, shall we?

Necessary Materials: Adobe Illustrator

Sunday, October 18


10:00 AM PST

Intro to Lightroom

Lorenzo dela Cruz

This is an entry-level (no prior experience needed!), demo-orientated workshop on the basics of editing a RAW file on Adobe Lightroom. The lesson will cover how to read a histogram, using sliders and tools, adjusting color, and everything else you need to know to get started with post-processing. Tune in with Lightroom Classic downloaded on your computer!

Necessary Materials: Lightroom

11:00 AM PST

Intro to HTML/CSS

Alexia Britsch

Learn the basics of web development with HTML and CSS. In this workshop you'll learn how to make a website from scratch!

Necessary Materials: Text Editor

12:00 PM PST

Intro to After Effects

Austin Chen

A basic overview of the most commonly used tools, introduction to some basic effects and shape animation.

Necessary Materials: Adobe After Effects

1:00 PM PST

Web Shader Basics

Kenny Chen

Learn the basics of web shader programming in Three.js. This will cover an intro to GLSL and fragment shaders.

Necessary Materials: Text Editor

2:00 PM PST

Prototyping in Figma

Albert Tian, Annie Lin

We will be creating a Spotify clone to teach the fundamentals of mobile prototyping. Namely vertical and horizontal scrolling and navigation between pages. It will be a follow along style of workshop where we recreate the bare bones of Spotify then use Figma mirror to see it on your phone live.

Necessary Materials: Figma and Figma Mirror

3:00 PM PST

Advanced Photo Processing

Giacomo Green

In this workshop learn some more advanced photo retouching techniques - with an emphasis on the incorporation of new techniques into existing workflows. We'll be learning about techniques such as web sharpening and luminosity masking, focusing on localized retouching techniques to produce professional quality photos.

Necessary Materials: Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

4:00 PM PST

Creative Confidence

Renee I. Utter

Take a deep dive into the creative process and evaluate ways in which you already express creative confidence, and ways you can improve. Building confidence in your abilities as an artist allows you to build your own style and maintain your creative identity in commissioned work (as well as explore new things)!

Necessary Materials: Nothing!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attend this event?

Hone & Explore will be held virtually this semester. All attendees are required to register before the event at this link. You will be sent an email confirmation with a unique link to the Zoom meeting.

Do I need to register separately for different workshops?

No, you are only required to register once. You will receive access to all workshops for both days.

Is there a deadline to register?

No, you can register on the day of the event. However, we strongly encourage you to register prior to the event!

I am not a UC Berkeley student. Can I still attend?

Yes, this event is open to all! Invite your friends and family who are looking to learn some creative skills in quarantine!

How much experience do I need?

All of our HEX workshops are geared towards beginner and intermediate skill levels. Hosts will do their best to accommodate your personal skill level!

Do I need to download anything prior to the event?

Please refer to our workshop information where required materials are listed for every workshop. Some workshops do not require anything!

Where can I access resources for workshops?

Find presentation slides, worksheets, or any additional resources provided by our workshop hosts at tinyurl.com/hex-fa2020-drive.

What do I do if I have questions for the host?

Our hosts are happy to take questions during the workshop. Feel free to ask questions in the chat or unmute yourself and ask away! (All participants are automatically muted upon entering.)

Will you be recording the event?

Recordings of select workshops will be made available after the event.