April 6 & 7

Innovative Design presents



HEX is a weekend of FREE, drop-in creative workshops taught by members of Innovative Design. This event is open to all students, friends, alumni, and family, regardless of experience. Whether you're a complete beginner or a savvy creative, come join us!

Are you ready to Dive into Design?

Workshop Schedule

Saturday, April 6
102 Wheeler

9:00 AM

Paper to Production

Ben Malit & Fitty Liu

10:00 AM

Note Taking

Vivian Tiet

11:00 AM

Intro to Lightroom

Daniel Ha

12:00 PM

Fashion & Portraits: Planning and Execution

Lalyn Yu

1:00 PM

Intro to Illustrator

Gloria Fung & Julia Mei

2:00 PM

Motion Graphics with After Effects

Cecilia Vu & Grace Lee

3:00 PM

Intro to HTML & CSS

Mariel Aquino & Brian Ho

4:00 PM

Accessibility in Design

Vivian Zhang

4:30 PM

Workflow Design and File Organization

Sasha Dimov
Sunday, April 7
205 Dwinelle

9:00 AM

Stickers: Design and Digitizing

Sharon Pan

10:00 AM

Prototyping UIs with Figma

Sonia Uppal

11:00 AM

Animations in Principle

Angela Huang

12:00 PM

Web Animations with AnimeJS

Nicholas Cai

1:00 PM


Kiana Aryan, Sahil Sangvi, & Tiffany Tran

2:30 PM

Client Work, Confidence, and Personal Branding

Renee Utter

3:00 PM

Web Visuals with Perlin Noise and P5.js

Jacky Lu & Ethan Lee

4:00 PM

Paper to Prototype with Adobe XD

Myles Domingo